2018 Goals

We have a robust agenda planned for 2018. As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to get involved with the Friends. We welcome people with all skill levels and backgrounds who are willing and able to help us with our goals. Your decision to join us WILL make a difference!

In 2018, we will…

  • Offer 7 educational tours/talks that are free and open to the public
  • Sponsor Sunflower Days (which drew over 92,000 visitors last year)
  • Raise Funds to preserve the Pope Farm Homestead property
  • Manage 4 prairies at Pope Farm Conservancy for the Town of Middleton
  • Collect, process, and plant prairie seeds to improve the quality and diversity of the prairies at Pope Farm Conservancy
  • Coordinate volunteer efforts to help control invasive species in the conservancy
  • Administer self-guided tour programs
  • Educate 4th grade students about Native Americans, and Land Formation, as part to the Middleton Cross Plains field trips in the spring and fall.
  • Assist the UW Soils Department to educate the public about Erosion utilizing the new trail at PFC, called “Soil Conservation, Soil on the Move”
  • Research, develop, and install additional signage to share the history of the Land
  • Assist the Town of Middleton to fix the erosion problem along the Stone fence
  • Access German Immigration stories by hand held devices in the Conservancy, via our website.
  • Research the history of the land, ownership, crops, and livestock.  Develop those stories to go interactive on our website
  • Sell the Sunflower Seeds from the Sunflower crop to help the farmer
  • Offer winter activities at the conservancy for FOPFC members
  • Start a walking group for FOPFC members during the summer and fall months
  • Hold an annual event for FOPFC members to share information and for members to meet one another
  • Select new retail items for sale at Sunflower Days