Rules & Regulations

Pope Farm Conservancy Rules

The following is a summarized list of Town of Middleton Ordinances for Pope Farm Conservancy. These are the rules and regulations set up to protect the conservancy visitor, the conservancy facilities, and the environment. Please help us by using these rules as a guideline in your activity. Thank you for your cooperation.
– Town of Middleton, 7555 W. Old Sauk Road, Verona, WI 53593.


Written permits are required for the following from the Town of Middleton Office:

  1. Public meetings, assemblies, tournaments, entertainment
  2. Exclusive use of facilities (shelters)
  3. Selling or offering for sale anything in the conservancy
  4. Landing aircraft or dropping any objects from the air
  5. Camping
  6. For after hours use of the conservancy
  7. For the use of amplification devices
  8. For any special event

Conservancy Hours

Pope Farm Conservancy and Goth Conservancy hours: Sunrise to Sunset. The Town of Middleton reserves the right to close select parks, conservancies, and trails due to turf conditions as determined by Town Staff.


The use of any sound amplification device, sound track loudspeaker, generators or other device that produces excessive loud or unusual noises is strictly prohibited, unless a permit has been obtained.


Dogs not allowed


  1. Horses are allowed on designated horse trails only and must be under control
  2. Horses are not allowed in the designated picnic and viewing areas
  3. Horse manure must be removed from trails

Personal Conduct

  1. No noisy, drunken or disorderly person shall be permitted to remain in the conservancy
  2. It is illegal to deface, destroy or vandalize any structure, sign, natural growth, or rock wall
  3. All controlled substances identified in Chapter 161, WI State Statutes shall be prohibited from use or possession


Due to potential fire hazard, smoking is not allowed within the conservancy.


  1. Vehicles are restricted to designated roadway and parking areas
  2. Off-road recreational vehicles and bicycles are not allowed in the conservancy
  3. Vehicles may not be in or parked in the conservancy during the closed hours
  4. Parking areas are provided for conservancy users only and violators will have their vehicles towed at owner’s expense
  5. Vehicles must abide by state laws. Re: vehicle operation and operate at posted speed limit within conservancy


  1. No household garbage allowed in conservancies
  2. All litter and debris, must be removed from the conservancy, or placed in areas or containers provided


There are no fees or permits needed to take photos. Pope Farm Conservancy is owned and operated by the Town of Middleton and open to the public during daylight hours. Please respect the rules of the conservancy.

  1. The stone fence is very dangerous. It is also a historical point of interest. Please do not sit or stand on it.
  2. Do not go into the prairies as they are home to wildlife and are full of nesting areas.
  3. Anything you use must be taken out of the conservancy when you are finished.
  4. The upper parking lot closes 20 minutes before sunset, so if you want to shoot photos at sunset, it is suggested that you park in the parking lot on Blackhawk Road, or the lower parking lot on Old Sauk Road.
  5. Do not bring in hay for props. Hay can contain weeds and invasive seeds.
  6. Do not go into the sunflower field.


Some people have very small weddings and they have been happy with the features of and accommodations at the conservancy. However, the conservancy has limitations because of the small size of the picnic area, limited parking, and its tranquil nature. In the summer and early fall, there are educational talks/tours and conservancy events that may compete with a private ceremony. Given the nature of Pope Farm Conservancy, please look at this list of restrictions, and if you are still interested, please email us at

  1. There are no facilities to reserve at Pope Farm Conservancy, therefore no reservations can be made.
  2. Parking is very limited (40 stalls) and 20 of those stalls should remain open for use by the general public.
  3. The conservancy is open during daylight hours and the upper parking lot closes 20 minutes before sunset.
  4. No tents are allowed.
  5. No amplifying equipment can be used.
  6. You may utilize existing picnic tables or amphitheaters, but you must get there ahead of time to claim them, as nothing can be reserved.
  7. Bringing in additional tables and chairs is not permitted.

These regulations are only a portion of those listed in Article 4 Chapter 5.
Town of Middleton Ordinance(s) shall apply. For more information, call (608) 833-5887.